Privacy Policy

Date of Last Revision: September 19, 2022

KhmerCare is sensitive to the private nature of the personal information you provide to us and takes every precaution with the way we record and use Your personal information. This Privacy Policy sets out Our privacy practices applying to personal information generated through Your use of the KhmerCare service, the KhmerCare website, and KhmerCare Fundraisers and Our interactions with you. By visiting KhmerCare or using Our services, You authorize Us to collect, retain and use Your personal information according to this Privacy Policy and Our Terms of Service.

This Privacy Policy describes and governs how we collect, use, share and protect information collected in the context of using KhmerCare Platform. This Privacy Policy is applicable to users that create an account on KhmerCare in which is entered into by and between KhmerCare, an online fundraising service that is owned and operated by Pathmazing Inc, the sole trustee of which is Pathmazing Inc (KhmerCare), trading as KhmerCare(KhmerCare, We, Us or Our) located at Bayon Center, #33-34, Street 114, 6th Floor Sangkat Monorom, Khan 7 Makara, Phnom Penh, Cambodia and the entity subscribing to KhmerCare Platform and Services (Nonprofit, You, Your, Yours, Users).

Before you use or submit any information through or in connection with the Services, please carefully review this Notice. By using any part of the Services, you acknowledge the collection, use, and disclosure of your information as outlined in this Notice. To the extent allowed by law, the English version of this Notice is binding and its translations in other languages are for convenience only; in case of discrepancies between the English version of this Notice and its translations, the English version shall prevail.

  2. When You visit or use KhmerCare, We may collect and store certain information from or about You, including information that can be used to uniquely contact, identify or locate You (Personal Information).

    Set out below is a summary of the types of information, including Personal Information that may be collected from You depending on Your interaction with KhmerCare:

    1. Registration of KhmerCare Fundraiser: When You register a KhmerCare Fundraiser We collect Your name, email and IP address(es), contact number, and location information in respect of Your Page;

    2. Verification of Payee/User In order to become a verified Payee and/or other User, We require the following further information, to verify Your identity and comply with Our

    obligations as a reporting entity under the AMLCFT Act:

    1. for Individuals: electronic (SMS) verification via Firebase powered (a third-party provider of electronic identity verification services) OR a certified PDF scan of a driver’s license, passport, or another national identification document that matches the identity of the intended Payee and/ or other User; AND a certified PDF scan of a bank or government-issued document addressed to the intended Payee and/or other User. In either case, a PDF scan or photo of a bank statement or other evidence satisfactory to Us showing bank account details that match the name of the intended Payee and/or other User will also be required;

    2. for Non-Profit Organisations and other Groups/Companies: Your name and registered number, Your donee tax status (if applicable), trust deed (if applicable), and a copy of a bank statement (or other evidence satisfactory to Us) showing bank account details that match the name of Your non-profit organization or group/company. Your representative, trustees, or other persons considered to be beneficial owners must also present the information required for an individual;

    3. Beneficiaries: When You are named as the Beneficiary of a KhmerCare Fundraiser We collect Your name and email address and in certain circumstances, the verification information set out at clause 1(b) above;

    4. Donors When You make a donation We collect Your name, email and IP address(es), location, and the details of Your donation including donation method; and

    5. Donors who opt-in to TaxGift: Should You opt-in to becoming a TaxGift member, as well as clause 1.4 above, We also request Your IRD number and digital signature giving authorization to appoint TaxGift as a Tax Agent for You. This is solely for the purpose of claiming your tax credit from IRD. KhmerCare does not store your IRD number or digital signature.

    6. Communications If You contact Us, such as via letter or email, We may keep a copy of that correspondence. We may also collect messages and feedback You leave for other Users and correspondence from other Users or third parties that relates to Your activities on KhmerCare.

  4. We may use the Personal Information that You provide to Us for the following purposes:

    1. to provide the KhmerCare service;

    2. to contact You about Your activity on KhmerCare or Your KhmerCare Account;

    3. to provide You with information about KhmerCare;

    4. to enforce or apply Our Terms ;

    5. to verify Your identity and comply with Our obligations as a reporting entity under the AMLCFT Act (including taking reasonable steps to determine whether You are a politically exposed person or a close associate of a politically exposed person); and

    6. to protect the property, rights, or safety of Users or others.

  6. Your Personal Information may be disclosed to third parties in the following circumstances:

    1. Electronic Verification: If You choose to be verified by electronic verification, We will share Your Personal Information with Firebase powered by Google, a provider of electronic identity verification services. (For further information on the verification process see section 9 of Our Terms);

    2. Independent Auditors/Public Authorities: From time to time in order for Us to comply with Our charitable reporting obligations We may need to disclose Your Personal Information to independent auditors. Your Personal Information will only be disclosed to public authorities (including government agencies with statutory law enforcement responsibilities) if We are required to provide them with Your Personal Information by law.

    3. Promotion and Public Reporting: We may use fundraising data from the KhmerCare service for the purposes of promotion and public reporting of KhmerCare activity but will always aggregate, anonymize and de-personalize that data which means that individuals cannot be identified from it;

    4. Employer Matching: If You participate in an Employer Scheme We may share Your details with Your employer as required to administer that Employer Scheme (although We will, where possible, attempt to anonymize or provide summary data only);

    5. Third-Party Websites and Media: If You opt-in: (i) a link to your Page may be included on other internet sites, such as media sites; (ii) We may share Your Page on social media and with Our partners; and (iii) We may share Your email address with certain media organizations, all for the purpose of promoting your KhmerCare cause. Except where expressly stated, KhmerCare does not control the site content or privacy policies of or endorse such third-party organizations. We are not liable for any links to third-party websites on KhmerCare.

    6. Sale or transfer of third-party: of KhmerCare or any KhmerCare services, we may give Your Personal Information to the purchaser or recipient of KhmerCare or any KhmerCare services in order for the services to continue to be provided to You.

    7. Page Owner and Payee: If You opt-in to share your name and email address when donating, we will share this and your donation details with the Page Owner and Payee. Should You not opt-in to share your name and email address, only Your donation details (amount and method) will be shared.

    8. TaxGift: if you opt-in to become a TaxGift member, We will provide TaxGift with Your name, email address, IRD number, digital signature and required Donation information. TaxGift's Privacy Policy can be found here.

  8. We make use of third party web analytics services (such as Google Analytics) to assist Us in understanding User behavior and, ultimately, improve the KhmerCare website and Our Services. These service providers use cookies and other electronic technologies to help Us (i) analyze how You use KhmerCare’s services, including by noting the third-party website from which You arrive, and (ii) provide certain features to You. The information (including your IP address(es), Your browser, and the site You have just visited) collected by the technology will be disclosed to or collected directly by these service providers, who use the information to evaluate Your use of KhmerCare services for the purpose of assisting Us to improve our product and services and evaluate and improve user experience. We also use the services of other data analytics providers such as:

    1. Mail Gun and MailChimp to whom we disclose Your email address to be used to help us provide the KhmerCare service;

    2. LogRocket to help us provide the KhmerCare service and assistance to any Users who may be having technical issues; and

  10. You can access, change, update or correct Your Personal Information that is stored on the KhmerCare service or held by Us at any time.

    You can access, change, update or correct Your Personal Information, including Your password, and/or profile information (excluding Your profile name), by logging on to Your “My KhmerCare” page.

    To update any Personal Information or Your profile name on a KhmerCare Fundraiser, please contact Us at

    If You need help accessing Your Personal Information, please contact Us at

    We will retain a record of any prior email addresses registered against Your profile in order to uphold compliance with Our Terms.

  12. We endeavor to store Personal Information on secure servers and take steps to maintain the security of Your Personal Information. However, there are risks that are inherent in storing and transmitting data online. You are responsible for ensuring the security of Your:

    1. user name;

    2. email address;

    3. password;

    4. profile information; and

    5. donation details,

    We recommend You do not disclose Your User registration details to anyone. We cannot guarantee that all of Your Personal Information provided to Us will remain secure if You choose to share Your Personal Information, including registration details. You will be responsible for any actions taken with that information.

    We do not keep credit card information for any donations made on the site, as we use a third-party platform Stripe to manage credit/debit card and internet banking payments. Credit/Debit card and Internet Banking transactions are subject to the policies and terms defined by Stripe and, beyond any obligations as a merchant which we are not able to exclude, we assume no responsibility for such transactions. Stripe privacy policy can be found here.

  14. You have the right to deactivate your account or delete your information. If you no longer wish to use our Services, you may be able to request for deletion of your KhmerCare account via our support team at

    Accordingly, you can request deletion of your information. Please be aware that you have full authority to deactivate, or delete your account information at your request except your donation information including amount and date. Your information however remains visible under Anonymous users to other Service users based on your past participation in donations within the Service.

    It is our core value of KhmerCare platform to maintain transparency and confidence of the public to use our service because some information is required to be shown in public and therefore cannot be erased or modified. For example, the donation timeline shows the amount and log of each donation to the public on our website. We thrive to keep these donation reports transparency with no modification in place.

  16. Other than emails relating to registration, use of the KhmerCare service, and donations We will only send You emails that You elect to receive. Elected email communications can be managed through Your "My KhmerCare" page.

    For example, from time to time, We will send newsletters and other communications to Users. These communications will contain instructions for how You can 'unsubscribe'. Our general policy is to contact Users by email, however, other means of contact may be used (if other contact information is available).

  18. By registering with KhmerCare, You consent to receive electronic messages from Us for the purpose of the Unsolicited Electronic Messages Act 2007.

  20. Cookies are small pieces of information stored on Your computer when You access a website. Most websites use cookies to provide useful features for their visitors.

    KhmerCare uses “session” cookies, which are removed from Your computer once You leave the KhmerCare site. Session cookies are used so We can remember that You have logged in recently without prompting You to do so again. Session cookies expire and are deleted after 20 minutes of inactivity on the KhmerCare site.

  22. From time to time We may make changes to this Privacy Policy. Please check back here regularly for the latest version. Your continued use of KhmerCare after the Privacy Policy has been changed indicates Your acceptance of those changes.

  24. If You have any questions, inquiries, or complaints about Us and Our policies and procedures relating to Our handling of Your personal information (as described in this Privacy Policy), please contact Us at