Code of Conduct

This Code of Conduct applies to all Users, including browsing visitors, and sets out Our expectations in relation to the use of the KhmerCare service.

When You use KhmerCare for any purpose You agree to:

  • abide by the Terms, Content Management Policy, and this Code of Conduct;
  • Our right to actively monitor and engage with Users as described in the Terms;
  • act honestly and truthfully in all representations and information You make publicly available on KhmerCare;
  • cooperate in all interactions with other Users, Our service team, and other representatives;
  • respect the role of KhmerCare as the enabler of KhmerCare as a public service, not a regulator of charitable purpose in Cambodia;
  • respect the freedom of all KhmerCare Users to donate online;
  • respect the freedom of all KhmerCare Users to fundraise responsibly; and
  • immediately contact if the legitimacy of an organization, cause, or individual providing information on KhmerCare is in doubt.
  • When using KhmerCare to fundraise You agree to:

  • only upload Content that does not violate the Terms, Content Management Policy, or this Code of Conduct;
  • Our right to moderate Your Content and verify the data and information You provide;
  • honestly and truthfully represent Your fundraising purpose and intentions on Your KhmerCare Fundraiser;
  • use all funds You raise on KhmerCare for the purpose You advertise on Your KhmerCare Fundraiser;
  • provide regular updates to Donors using the tools provided;
  • promptly respond to all questions and requests for information from Users, Our service team, and other representatives;
  • immediately update Your KhmerCare Fundraiser if Your fundraising purpose or intentions for use of donations changes;
  • cooperate with Our service team in the event that Your fundraising purpose is interrupted, discontinued, or unable to proceed for any reason;
  • comply with all Cambodian laws relevant to your fundraising activities and use of funds raised on KhmerCare; and
  • take full responsibility for fulfilling Your personal obligations, including any legislative, reporting, or compliance requirements arising from receiving funds raised or donations made using KhmerCare.
  • For further information about this Code of Conduct, or to report a breach please contact Us or email

    Law On Telecommunications 2015

    The Law On Telecommunications 2015 (LOT2015) sets out to deter, prevent and mitigate the harm caused to individuals by harmful digital communications.

    The LOT2015 is made up of a list of communications principles, all of which apply to digital communications (which means any form of electronic communication). All Users are expected to abide by these principles.

    Users must respect others and conduct themselves honestly and in good faith at all times. If a User breaches these principles or their Content is deemed harmful and/or offensive, KhmerCare may take action by removing that Content.

    For further information about the LOT2015, please email us at