Content Management Policy

KhmerCare is an online fundraising platform that allows Users to set up a KhmerCare Fundraiser for the purposes of seeking and receiving donations for Cambodian causes from members of the public.

In Our opinion, censoring KhmerCare Fundraisers on a value basis may negatively impact the diverse ways in which Cambodians choose to express generosity. In order to minimize this risk, We actively monitor and manage abuses that compromise Our ability to provide the service and preserve the freedom of giving and receiving that it encourages.


    The integrity of the KhmerCare service depends on all Users using the KhmerCare service in a responsible and legal manner, with courtesy and consideration.

    You agree that You will not upload any Content onto a KhmerCare Fundraiser that We reasonably believe:

    1. infringes any intellectual property rights of any third party;
    2. detrimentally affects the brand or reputation of KhmerCare, Pathmazing Inc, any other User or any affiliates or partners of Pathmazing (KhmerCare) Inc;
    3. misleads as to the nature, type, service, intentions, or benefits of donating to the KhmerCare Fundraiser;
    4. contains inaccurate, ambiguous, exaggerated, defamatory, untrue, or out-of-date information;
    5. encourages, counsels incites or suggests any criminal or unlawful acts;
    6. preys on individual groups by virtue of their circumstances;
    7. contains vulgar and/or suggestive language or images or innuendo or slang of a sexual, immoral, racial, or violent nature;
    8. promotes or provides inflammatory or demeaning opinions of an individual or group;
    9. uses images or information of a named or identifiable third party without their consent (parental/guardian consent is required if the third party is under 18 years);
    10. misrepresents Your identity or affiliation with any other person or organization;
    11. uses KhmerCare to send junk mail or “spam”
    12. conducts, displays, or forwards surveys, raffles, lotteries, contests, pyramid schemes, chain letters, or the like;
    13. uses the KhmerCare service to facilitate product or event ticket sales;
    14. uses the KhmerCare service in a way that will result in the Donor receiving a material benefit in respect of KhmerCare Fundraisers that are eligible for a tax credit;
    15. uses the KhmerCare service to facilitate any form of equity crowdfunding or investment where Donors may expect a return on that investment;
    16. interferes with or disrupts the KhmerCare service or services or networks connected with KhmerCare, or introduces any computer virus which may be harmful to Our system; or
    17. is harmful and/or offensive.
  3. All KhmerCare Fundraisers are reviewed and approved by a KhmerCare moderator prior to the KhmerCare Fundraiser becoming publicly searchable. The moderation process may include checks on:

    1. The identities of the Fundraiser Owner, Payees, and Beneficiary;

    2. Verifiable data, Charities Register, Ministry of Commerce database;

    3. Good taste, decency, and acceptable Content;

    4. Clearly stated and legal intentions for funds raised;

    5. Any graphic content or profanity;

    6. Respect for third party rights and privacy;

    7. Compliance with the Terms, Content Management Policy and Code of Conduct; and

    8. Beneficiary Consent.

    We try to complete the moderation process within three to five business days of the creation of the KhmerCare Fundraiser, however, this is dependent on the nature of the Content and ease of communication with the Page Owner.

    A 'lightbox' notice is displayed on a KhmerCare Fundraiser until the page has been moderated by Us. A KhmerCare Fundraiser may still receive donations where it is awaiting moderation. A KhmerCare Fundraiser will not be publicly searchable until it has been successfully moderated by Us, and 'donor validation' has been achieved.

  5. A 'lightbox' notice is displayed on a KhmerCare Fundraiser until it has achieved 'donor validation', meaning it has received three donations from three independent parties. A KhmerCare Fundraiser will not be publicly searchable until donor validation has been achieved.

  7. Certain data and information provided by Users of KhmerCare are locked after it is inputted. This is to prevent unauthorized changes and to protect the integrity of the fundraising process for all Donors.

  9. We do not endorse any Content displayed on a KhmerCare Fundraiser.

  11. Donors may donate to KhmerCare Fundraisers as they see fit and Donors are solely responsible for their decisions to make a donation.

  13. If You encounter a KhmerCare Fundraiser that You believe violates Our Terms, Content Management Policy, or Our Code of Conduct, please report it to Us using the Report This Page link displayed on the Page. We carry out reviews and investigations of KhmerCare Fundraisers that are reported by the public and may remove or edit, at Our discretion and without notice, any Content posted on a KhmerCare Fundraiser if We consider that any violation has occurred.