Curating Excellence: Our Endorser Committee Selection Process

Our Endorser Committee is a gathering of distinguished individuals and organizations chosen meticulously to elevate your crowdfunding campaign to new heights. We are committed to assembling a group of individuals who are not only renowned in their respective fields but also deeply dedicated to corporate social responsibility (CSR) and community service.

To secure a coveted spot on our Endorser Committee, candidates must possess an exceptional reputation within their industry, characterized by trustworthiness and respect. These are the trailblazers, the thought leaders, and the influencers who have earned their stripes through years of dedication and excellence.

Beyond their professional standing, our committee members are actively involved in CSR initiatives and community service. They are committed to making a positive impact beyond their business endeavors, aligning perfectly with our mission to support projects that make a difference. They are also influential individual or organization that have large pool of fans, friends, and followers on social media in addition to in their own organization who share to same commitment as to the endorser.

When you partner with our Endorser Committee, you're not just gaining the endorsement of renowned figures; you're gaining the support of individuals and organizations deeply invested in creating a better future for all. Along with their large number of fans and followers, and the ability to positively influencer them, the followers are likely to commit to donate and share which will give campaign an initial boost. Join us in this journey to turn your dreams into reality with the power of endorsement from the best in the industry."


KhmerCare Endorser Committee

“I’m thrilled to introduce our new "Endorsement" feature, adding a additional layer of confidence to our campaigns. Unlike traditional assessments, Endorsement involves rigorous fact-checking by our team, partners or I myself. By contributing my personal time and resources to validate campaigns, leveraging the impactfulness of campaign performance. We're especially excited to extend this feature within our company, uniting like-minded individuals dedicated to creating a better future especially for Cambodians who are in need. This isn't just a feature; it's a commitment to community building.”

Join forces and be a part of our Endorsement Committee who form the backbone of our esteemed individual. Embark on this transformative journey with us—apply now and be a catalyst for positive change!

How it Works?

When a campaign catches the attention of an Endorser and is deemed worthy of endorsement, he/she can simply click the "Endorse" button on the campaign page and share his/her comments on the campaign which is exclusively available for Endorser only.

Before officially endorsed; as each endorsement triggers an additional layer of confidence for potential donors, the commitment to endorsing a campaign goes beyond a mere click of a button. There is a comprehensive due diligence process involved by our Endorser and/or sometimes by our Media Partner-Kiripost Media whom has the journalistic capabilities to verify all information . This involves meticulous fact-checking, site visits, and thorough assessments to ensure the credibility and viability of the campaign.

In essence, an endorsement from our endorser not only opens doors to various benefits for the endorsed project but also signifies a rigorous evaluation process that adds an extra level of confidence for donors looking to contribute to impactfulness and credible initiatives.

This action marks the project as officially endorsed by the committee and triggers a series of benefits for the organizer and the campaign as a whole.

Benefit of Endorsement Features

By backup your campaign with one of our endorser, you are back up and get a chance to stand out with other benefits

Enhanced V​isibility

Endorsed campaigns receive a distinctive badge visible on their campaign page and across the platform.

Expanded network Reach:

With credibility, campaign is likely to be shared more via WOM, got a chance to be featured on Kiripost media; one of KhmerCare media partners, along with other feature such as push notification, range of campaign in endorsed section, feeds, and other communities and partners.

Long-Term Reputation

Being endorsed by reputable figures can positively impact the organizer’s long-term reputation within the crowdfunding community and beyond.

Improved Funding Potential

With increased visibility, credibility, and support, endorsed campaigns are better positioned to achieve and/or exceed their funding goals.

Boosted Campaign Performance

Endorsement significantly improves the performance via the chance of campaign being featured in the “Endorse” section on the platform, along with exposure to endorser’s followers who are likely to commit given endorser’s credibility. This prominent placement further increases exposure.

Increased Credibility

The endorsement from recognized experts and influencers along with their brief comment enhances the project’s credibility and trustworthiness.